Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


Preserved Flower Walls - The Smart Solution for Sustainable Hospitality Businesses

We are so pleased to announce that Ethereal Blooms recently launched our hospitality offering!


We decided that the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering show at the Excel in London was the ideal opportunity to introduce our unique solution to the hospitality world.


We had countless inspiring conversations with a multitude of high-end hotels and restaurants who all wanted to learn more about Ethereal Blooms preserved flowers and foliage.


Without a doubt, the real show-stopper though was our luxury floral archway and tropical green wall that acted as the backdrop for our conversations.

So What Did we Learn?

Hospitality venues are increasingly looking to create “instagrammable moments” and memorable experiences for their guests - and with the introduction of preserved flowers and foliage, now they can do this in a sustainable, no maintenance way - without having to resort to plastic and artificial options.


Why is preserved the best solution for hospitality venues like hotels, restaurants and event spaces? 


Businesses considering using flower or green walls to elevate their spaces may only be aware of living (real) or artificial options. The problem with these however is that living walls require natural sunlight, a constant water source and are very expensive and labour intensive to maintain. And artificial….well, it’s plastic (and everyone can tell.)

When considering key factors such as: How much maintenance is required? Does this align with our sustainability goals? Will it require a constant water supply? Is it a luxury addition to my space, or will it cheapen the environment? The below table may help you to compare your options:

Preserved flower or foliage installations:
  • Do not require any water which means no maintenance, and no risk of water damage.

  • Do not need natural light. 

  • Can be designed specifically to match your interior design, brand and ambience.

  • Can be updated seasonally - to give the appearance of an entirely new display with a fraction of the cost.

  • Are the sustainable choice (Check out our previous blog post to see why our blooms are best for greener credentials.)


If you would like to chat about the option of preserved green and floral walls in your hospitality space, contact one of the team at Ethereal Blooms today.