Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


Fresh cut flowers are costing the earth, but we have the solution.

The problem with the fresh flower industry 

We all know that fresh flower arrangements elevate our spaces and that giving them to friends or loved ones is a great way to brighten their day - but what else are they doing?

As beautiful and culturally ingrained as fresh flower bouquets are, they unfortunately also contribute substantial environmental damage to our planet. The fresh-cut flower industry is hugely unsustainable.


When it comes to production, the toxicity of pesticides, fungicides, and fertilisers can filter through to pollute water supplies. And the amount of water needed to grow the quantities of fresh flowers we currently import is, well, eye-watering. 


As of April 2019, one of the top flower producers in the world, Colombia, had a total of 8,597 hectares of export flower production, which uses over 1.7 million kilograms of pesticides. And, for just one newly planted rose, it is estimated that 9 litres of water is required four times a week. 


Then there is the transportation; the journey from field to shop to vase. It is long and complex and always uses refrigerated vehicles and air freight. This contributes to massive CO2 emissions. After all, Colombia is a long way from your kitchen table, luxury hotel in London or yacht in the Cote d'Azur. Replacing just one weekly bouquet creates an estimated 56 kg of CO2 emissions a year. 


Wastage is another big issue; 45% are so damaged by the time they arrive that they cannot be sold; this is a vast amount of waste for a product with a short 7-10 day shelf life. While we may assume flower arrangements are innocent and not a huge contributor to global issues, unfortunately, they are. 

This 'fast floristry' just isn't sustainable, but there is another way.

45% of fresh flowers are wasted before even making it to the store

Our solution 

As with the campaign against fast-fashion (a similarly wasteful industry), the solution lies in producing less, higher-quality products that are built to last. For us, that means preserving real flowers at their peak bloom so that instead of only one week, they can be enjoyed for up to a whole year. 


At Ethereal Blooms, we innovate and manufacture long-life bio-preserved flowers and foliage. We make flower arrangements for the future. And better still, we do it using sustainable methods. 


We aren't talking synthetic or freeze-dried; we use unique and advanced biotechnology through specialised treatments and techniques that conserve real flowers and keep them looking fresh for up to a year. 

Peach Marilyn in a Gold Vase

Why is this better?

Preserved flowers are not artificial, they are 100% natural and through a preservation process like ours, blooms maintain their fresh appearance for longer.


They have so many benefits, so what are they? 


Environmentally Friendly 

Unlike fresh flowers, preserved flowers aren’t fleeting - they’re made to last. They really are the gift that keeps giving. Rather than throwing away a flower arrangement every week, preserved flowers can last up to a year and sometimes longer, resulting in at least 52 times less wastage. 


Their longer life immediately reduces production and transportation, lowering their environmental footprint. This means less water, less energy and that fewer fertilisers and pesticides are used. 

With fewer resources and less energy consumption, switching to preserved flowers is a win-win for your sustainability credentials and environmental footprint.  

A preserved floral display creates at least 52 times less waste

Zero Maintenance 

Preserved flowers are the perfect low-maintenance floral solution. Let's be honest, who has the time to change the water in their displays every other day? With preserved, your display brightens up your surroundings without taking up any precious mental space. 

The perfect solution for your guest rooms, AirBnB property or summer home - know that your flowers will remain looking fresh and beautiful without you needing to keep a constant eye on them. 


Guaranteed Quality 

Fresh flowers often arrive damaged or already half dead - think withering petals, discoloured leaves and even mould. Unfortunately, there can be such a thing as a bad bunch when it comes to fresh-cut flowers. 


Preserved flowers, however, will never brown, wilt or wither, and you are guaranteed quality each and every time. 


Knowing that your flowers will last also means that you can order ahead for your special event - and they will still maintain the freshest look by the time you get to the big day. 

Get ahead of important events knowing your flowers will remain looking fresh long before (and after) the big day

Custom Designs for Businesses and Brands

If you are looking for a show stopping floral display for your 5-star hotel lobby, a branded visual merchandising display, or perhaps a distinctive feature needed on board a yacht, with preserved, there are endless choices for any space without the limitations of seasonality.


At Ethereal, we can even produce floral walls and frames, making flowers integral to your interior design. Biophilic design is an increasing trend, and we can help you bring the outside in with our floral styling. 


Arrangements are customisable and bespoke, we always create in styles that suits you and the space. 

Create unique, branded installations and visual merchandising

70% Cheaper Than Weekly Fresh Flowers 

Preserved flowers are also more economical. One bouquet that would usually only last a  number of days can last up to a year, significantly reducing costs. 


And, as with anything, the bigger the scale, the bigger the savings. If you have a vast space to fill with arrangements regularly, consider the cost savings with quarterly or yearly purchases versus weekly. 


Make the switch 

Whether you need decor for a special event, centrepieces for hosting, to brighten up an office reception or to give as a gift, there are endless uses for preserved flower arrangements, and we can help. 


If you want to switch to preserved flowers, contact one of the team at Ethereal Blooms today.