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Ethereal Blooms X Burgess: A Strategic Partnership


A strategic partnership to drive sustainable initiatives onboard superyachts

Ethereal Blooms is proud to announce its latest partnership with Burgess to offer its superyacht fleet a sustainable solution for floral arrangements onboard. 


The London-based sustainable floral lab and studio Ethereal Blooms are proud to announce their new alliance with the renowned, full-service yacht management company Burgess, the global leader in luxury yachts. Together, they are embarking on a joint mission to revolutionise the traditional, high-impact floristry operations onboard superyachts. 


Sustainable yachting  

Sustainability continues to move up the agenda and shape the conversation within the superyacht industry, and increasing pressure is on to drive positive change. Ethereal Blooms and Burgess both recognise this urgent need for change. 


As both companies continue to champion sustainability, they recognise the vital operational role of yachts to adopt greener practices and cultivate more initiatives with a lower environmental impact across the entire fleet. 


Blooms onboard

For the past four years, Ethereal Blooms have been at the forefront of challenging the conventional fresh flower industry by offering superyachts sustainable alternatives. As a trusted brand, they have supplied over 70 yachts up to 88 metres with various installations and bouquets.


They use a unique and advanced biopreservation process, utilising the latest technology in floriculture to create long-life blooms. Leveraging their first-hand knowledge of the industry, they curate designs that are not only more sustainable but also fulfil the demand for luxurious and refined arrangements onboard - harmoniously blending aesthetics with sustainability at the core.


As well as long-lasting, their blooms are also maintenance-free, providing an easier solution to fresh displays challenged by the unforgiving environment of the oceans with excessive sun and salt, teamed with the ever-changing humidity of cruising yachts. 


Blue Oceans 

Burgess launched its Blue Oceans initiatives in 2020 to drive its ESG policies and particularly its unwavering commitment to a lower-impact superyacht industry. 


With a vision to achieve cleaner and greener operations, the company recognises the significance of collaboration and collective efforts to drive the industry toward a better future. 


The collaboration 

The partnership works to integrate both companies’ efforts to enhance sustainability credentials at an operational level by seeking to offer more eco-conscious solutions to the industry. 


Superyachts within the Burgess fleet will receive information about Ethereal Bloom’s sustainable floral offerings, with a 5% incentivising discount for each yacht purchase - ultimately encouraging yachts to embrace better choices without compromising luxury and style. 


“At Ethereal Blooms, we know that yachts want to make sustainable choices, but it's often difficult to know how to do this without compromising on luxury. That's why having a company like Burgess and their Blue Oceans team do the research and recommend trusted solutions takes the risk away and makes the choice easy. 


Fresh flowers fly under the radar as an unsustainable product a lot of the time, but crew know all too well how disappointing it is to throw away stunning florals week on week and how difficult they are to source and maintain mid-season. We're excited to offer the Burgess fleet a luxury solution to the fresh flower problem on board.”


- Joanna Hirst, Head of Yacht Sales at Ethereal Blooms


“We absolutely love what Ethereal Blooms is doing at sea and ashore, and we are thrilled to be teaming up to bring their service to our fleet. Bespoke, luxury floristry with a massively reduced environmental impact that also saves time and money for yacht owners and crew just makes sense.

We are working hard to reduce environmental impact at every level of our industry, but sometimes it’s the 1% changes, the marginal gains, that have the greatest potential for long-term change."


- Georgina Menheneott, Regional Development Manager + Burgess Blue Oceans


A greener future 

This partnership represents a significant step in promoting greener initiatives while maintaining the luxury and refinement needed to procure the yacht’s interior decorations. 


Together they seek to set new industry-wide standards for sustainable floristry practices onboard.